What Happens When An iPhone Gets Wet

October 11, 2013

Tech News

Since the 2007 release of the iPhone, people in the United States alone have spent nearly $6 billion on iPhone repairs. And, in the past year 30 percent of iPhone users have had their devices damaged in some way. One of the most common ways to damage an iPhone is to drop it into water or spill a liquid on it.

A popular myth exists that if a water damaged iPhone is placed in a bag filled with rice that it will be fixed. The truth is, this will only work if the iPhone has been in a minimal quantity of fresh water. However, if the phone has been submerged in a large amount of water or even a small amount of salt water then the rice will not work. The rice does actually help to evaporate water from the device, but the minerals and salt that remain on the logic board act as corrosive agents and will destroy the iPhone’s components.
Source: http://cupertinophone.com

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