Video File Conversion Has Become Essential for Sharing Videos

April 30, 2013

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There are many different free and paid video converter programs available, but you might be wondering why you even need one. If you want to share your videos online then you can just upload it and share the download link. While this is true, you are missing out on the power of a video converter. This program allows you change the video file so that it’s perfect for the community that you are sharing it with. For example, you can convert the video to an MP4 because this file type works well with mobile devices. There are many reasons why a video converter is essential when you are sharing videos.

Different Sizes

Every video file type has a different memory footprint based on its quality and specifications. For example, a DIVX video file is meant to have excellent quality that rivals DVDs. This also makes the file inherently larger than other video files because more memory is required to make the video look better.

Quality isn’t the only indication of size. Compression is an important factor to consider. Videos that have a higher compression ratio are often much smaller than other file types. While this usually means that the video won’t look as good, there are many times when you won’t even notice the difference.

If you are sharing the video with a community of people that just like to watch videos, then choosing a file type that is small is usually the best. This is because the videos look reasonably good, are easy to download and they won’t clog someone’s hard drive. If you are sharing the video with people that emphasize quality above everything else, then it’s best to convert the video to a high-quality file type.

Specific Functions

Every file type has certain strengths and weaknesses that will make it useful for specific applications. For example, the MPG file type is very old and most computers can easily play it without any problems. A VOB doesn’t work very well with computers unless you have a special player, but it’s great for DVDs.

Converting your video allows you to take advantage of these strengths and weaknesses so that your friends can use the video for a specific reason. If you are sharing the video with a community of people that like making compilations, then using a small and accessible file type would be best. If you want to make the video easy to stream, then convert it to FLV or MP4.

Just consider what the community wants and what file types are commonly uploaded. If you don’t know what file type to use, then just ask somebody.


What files are supported by the website? For example, if the website only supports AVI and MOV files, then you don’t want to upload an MPG video. Most sharing platforms will support about 10 or more file types, but you should still check the list of supported videos to see if your video will work. If not, then you can always convert it.

You should also consider device support. Many people that download the video will immediately add it to their smartphone or tablet. While video support is getting better with this technology, only a handful of file types currently work with mobile devices. For example, MP4 videos work with almost every device. If you are sharing the video with a community of devout mobile users, then it would be a good idea to have the video ready for mobile integration.

This can also refer to certain programs. Some people will use your video in multimedia editing programs if you are sharing the file with an artistic community. If you have a certain program in mind, then be sure to convert the video to a format that easily works with that program.


Video converters are essential when you are sharing video files online because sharing the wrong file type might make a lot of users angry. A good converter will allow you to easily alter any video so that it works for all of your needs. You should have no problems finding a free video converter online that will make it much easier to share your favorite videos.

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