Trillion Dollar Market Reimagined by Non-Traditional Team. They bet in a new technology.

April 27, 2017

Tech News

WASHINGTON, D.C. – APRIL 27, 2017: Emerging Rule, a Public Benefit Corporation headquartered in 1776 Crystal City, has managed to group a team of experts of diverse backgrounds to address the education market (estimated to be about $1.3 trillion dollars) from a new perspective.

“For over 2 years, we have been sketching a qualitative education technology product that tackles, not only the current K-12 education requirements, but also applications focused towards satisfying the needs of future learners and therefeore society in the long term.”, says Mr. Felipe Castro Quiles, the Founder and CEO of the Corporation.

The “mastermind”, as Mr. Castro refers to the directive and advisory team, brings together seasoned experts of various fields. “Comprised by William Bruner (Co-Founder, President – North America Relations), Eric Noro (Co-Founder, Adviser – International Partnerships), Sherin Sonia Jacob, MSc (Director of Research and Development), Sebastian-Otto Domnariu, MBA (Liaison International Network Key Strategist – LINKS), Bertha Santoscoy, Ph.D. (Legal & Political Adviser), Asunción Sanz (International Education & Capacity Development Adviser), and Fabiola Luque (International Liaison Strategist), Emerging Rule looks to address social development, human subsistence, and the creation of fair socioeconomic policies from a diverse viewpoint. With the addition of Abdín Noboa-Ríos Ph.D., an educational researcher graduted from Harvard and Ms. Lydia Hall, former Capitol Hill Legislative Aide, and also Ivy League alumni, we have managed to consolidate our organization, and perspective.”, adds the CEO.

Emerging Rule’s aim is to become a global collaboration platform that builds new trends through humanizing proposals and open access to futurist & inclusive education. For that reason, the Corporation is betting on an innovative process of tuition that designs, develops, and implements software for education and behavioral analysis in an on-line environment.


LevelShip™, Emerging Rule’s flagship nominal product/service, namely, conducts student cognitive assessments, classes, seminars, conferences, workshops, mentoring and non-downloadable webinars in the field of education at the primary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels. For Dr. Bertha Santoscoy – Chief Legal and Political Adviser, “The platform represents an invaluable guide to the intellectual development of our children, dynamically focusing their skills and preferences on the world today.”  Emerging Rule was established with a simple agenda, ensuring that humanity receives proper tuition while guaranteeing human subsistence in a post-technology boom world. Inspired by the lectures of futurist concerned with the development of unethical technologies, Emerging Rule’s founders sketched a plan that considered a broad selection of theories and anticipated many of the social effects that full automation could have. Mr. William Bruner, President of North America Relations, states, “Our Conglomerate looks forward to collaborating with key players of various governments, and organization to continue down the road of profound progress and impact.”  For more information about the Emerging Rule or its advocacy, please visit






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