Trends in Technology

February 22, 2013

Tech News

It is no surprise that in today’s day and time we are an age of technology. It is also no surprise that there are trends in technology given we see advances practically on a weekly basis. We have all sorts of devices we use each and every day ranging from computers, to mobile devices, to tablets. Technology is great and allows us to be more efficient. According to Forbes, the following are 10 big trends in technology. First, we can see the mobile devices becoming more and more popular to desktop computers. It is said that in the year 2013 mobile devices will surpass desktop computers as internet tools used for internet access. Second, we see an increase of mobile applications and even the HTML5. This will provide a mainstream application developer environment for people to work with. Third, we see the emergence of the personal cloud. This is great because an individual can sync across multiple devices. It provides apps, content and preferences. Fourth, there is an increase of internet things. In seven years we will have over 30 billion connected things including embedded sensors, image recognition and even NFC. Fifth, there seems to be a change to hybrid IT and cloud computing. IT departments will have a different sort of role in companies and will soon be more coordinating all IT related activities between all the devices. Sixth, there’s strategic big data. Hadoop and NoSQL are some that are gaining large momentum as of late. The largest big data sources on the internet include social graph, intent graph, consumption graph, interest graph and mobile graph. Seventh, trend in technology is actionable analytics. These can perform analytics and simulation for every action that is taken in a given business. Soon mobile devices will even have access to this data. Eighth, there’s mainstream in-memory computing. Don’t worry I don’t know what this is either. But apparently this can boost performance and response times.

It also has the ability to enable real-time self service business intelligence. Ninth, trend in technology is the idea of integrated ecosystems. There will be more software and services that are meant specifically to address infrastructure or application workload. This will be extremely helpful. Finally, the tenth trend in technology is enterprise app stores. Next year, there will be 70 billion app downloads and organizations will move to download these apps to users via private app stores. With all these advances and trends in technology it is easy for an individual to get overwhelmed. However, it is important to keep in mind that companies are going to be ever more diligent in looking for people with higher education. A great option is business school colorado. Companies like employees with more education because they have the added skills and tool set to deal with the ever increasing technology and demands of the industry. Individuals with more schooling also bring a greater rate of return for a company because they have more skills in different areas. This allows employers to utilize them more and for individual employees to have more opportunities for growth and advancement. So take the time to keep up to date on relevant trends in technology and make sure your education coincides.

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