The Benefits Of Having A Business Email Account

October 29, 2014

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emailFor those out there who currently have a business of their own, how do you get your email? Most who are just starting off tend to use free email services such as Excite, Gmail, Yahoo or others. Although these will get the job done, they really are not sufficient for those trying to run a business. Your email address can tell a lot about your company. A free email service is less likely to give you the credibility that you need. By choosing to get your own business email that is personalized specifically for your company, you can become more credible, and take advantage of a professional looking email address.

Although many companies provide business emails, it’s always good to go with the one you know you can trust. is a trusted email source for businesses and can get you started right away with your own business email. Choosing to have an email with your own name makes it easier for your customers to remember the address. Email addresses that end in one of the popular search engine names, can be effective, but are easily forgettable at times. If you get a business email with your own domain name attached to it, it makes it much easier for customers to remember the address to contact your company.

There are many things that can affect a business including advertising, financing, and more. None of these things should keep you from having a professional look to your business, by keeping your business name attached to your email. The costs of these services are low and are worth it if you’re serious about branding your name in every possible part of your business. Your company’s name is who you are, and people will always associate a name with a brand. By branding your email with your company name, you will be at a much higher advantage of getting the customers you need.

Many businesses use email to advertise to potential customers. What’s the likeliness that you will get a response if your email address ends in Yahoo or Excite? It’s unlikely you’ll receive a response because there is so much spam out there today. Many customers will just delete the email. If you want to look legitimate and show that you’ve put effort, time, and quality into your business, get a business email. You don’t want to spend your effort or money to send out those important emails to potential customers, only to have them never be seen. This may happen if the email address for your business looks more like that of a spammer.

When you’re ready to open up a business email account, come on over to and check out the services. Not only will you be pleased that you came, you can get started today towards a better future for your business.


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