Six Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is Your Most Secure Online Storage Option

April 29, 2013

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The one consistent objection to cloud storage is that the cloud isn’t as secure. This seems to make sense since the servers are hosted somewhere else and you can’t control them. At the same time, cloud servers are much safer than you think. This is especially true for business users, but casual users will also benefit from this. These are the top six reasons why the cloud is secure.

No Insiders

It might seem safer to host your own servers, but statistics show that most data thefts involve at least one insider. This could be a disgruntled employee looking for revenge or someone trying to make more money by selling your data. It’s also very easy for the employee to access the servers because they’re only a short walk from his or her desk.

Removing the data from your company ensures that insiders cannot directly steal your files and information. Anyone accessing the cloud is monitored so that you can view their activity.


Having a reliable connection is secure. If your servers go down, then you lose money, your traffic can’t access your website, hackers have an easier time infiltrating your systems and you can lose credibility. Standard servers aren’t nearly as reliable as cloud servers due to scaling.

Scaling with standard servers requires additional hardware. Scaling with the cloud involves moving your data to another available server until a new one is built for you. This means that the cloud is more reliable.

Hiding Data

If you are using a public cloud server, then you can effectively hide your data from hackers. This is because everything on the cloud server is encrypted. There is no way for the hacker to know exactly where your data is stored, which makes it much harder to steal. If you host your own servers, then the hacker will know exactly where your data is stored.

Fewer Copies

If you are working with a team to create a new document, then chances are that there are many different copies of the same file. For example, if several teams make changes to a file, then each version of that file is saved on the server. This is a problem because a hacker can easily steal one of these files without anyone noticing.

The cloud prevents this because all of the edits made to the file are applied to the original document. This means that there is only one copy of that document, which makes it much harder for someone to inconspicuously access it.

An added bonus is that this reduces the amount of data that you have to store. Large businesses often keep several thousand copies of the same file for this very reason.

Instant Updates

Most software and hardware updates address security concerns so that hackers can’t exploit programming errors. If you are using standard servers, then your IT staff has to manually update the system. This can take days or even weeks. The cloud allows you to easily install new updates just by accessing the Internet.

You might even notice a change when you go from one menu to the next. Updates only take a few hours to install and you won’t have to get your IT team involved.

The Pentagon

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to trust the cloud’s security is because the Pentagon uses cloud computing. There have been many press statements about this, and representatives have continuously said that they did not make this change to cut costs. They did it because the cloud was safer.

One of the major reasons for this change is that the cloud makes it much easier to monitor employees and to ensure that they don’t access unauthorized information. Anyone attempting to do this will have their attempts logged so that administrators can take disciplinary action.


Many people assume that the cloud is unsafe because it’s harder to access, but this is actually an advantage because it keeps insiders from stealing your data. Not only that, but the cloud ensures that you quickly receive software and hardware updates and the servers are much more reliable than standard servers. If you are worried about safety, then it’s a much better idea to use the cloud rather than avoid it.

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