Replacing The RAM In Your Computer

July 19, 2013

Tech Tips

There are several pieces that really make a computer function properly and improve its performance with better parts, but none of them quite match the ease with which the RAM (or Random Access Memory) can be quickly upgraded. What’s more, more RAM can dramatically improve the computing experience… but what exactly does RAM do?

Put quite simply, every time that a program is loaded off of the computer’s hard drive, optical disc drive, or solid state drive, it is placed into Random Access Memory, or RAM for short. While in this part of the computer, the programs can run much faster than off the hard drive, and perform any number of tasks by directly interfacing with the CPU, something that no hard disk or optical disc drive can do without “talking” to the RAM first.

But what exactly does upgrading this part of the computer achieve that the current RAM cannot? While the motherboard of the computer limits the speed of the RAM that can be placed in it, the amount of RAM in the machine dictates how many programs can be run simultaneously, which enables better more expansive multitasking, but also allows more complex programs to be run as time goes on.

There is constantly this idea in the world of computing that people will “never need more than x amount of RAM’. It started when people were only using a few hundred kilobytes, and continues to this day, but the fact is that as the programs people use every single day get better and better, they’ll need more RAM to function well, and that requires replacing the RAM in existing computers.

So, how exactly does one go about replacing RAM in a computer? The first step is of course to buy the RAM, and it’s purchasable at practically any computer or technology store – the important thing is to make sure that the type of RAM being bought matches the computer it is being bought for.

After buying the RAM, it’s relatively simple to install, only requiring the computer to be opened up, and replace existing sticks of RAM with the new RAM. That said, many people are worried about damaging their computer or somehow messing up the RAM in the process of installing it – for those people there is an alternative solution to doing it yourself. Since RAM replacement is a relatively simple process, pretty much any shop that does computer repair in Columbus, or pretty much anywhere else, can get the job done extremely quickly, and get the computer back to its owner so they can enjoy the additional RAM.

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