OSX Mountain Lion

September 28, 2012

Tech News


The new Mac operating system has received some good and some not so good reviews. There are a bunch of new features on this update than on previous, and there are pros and cons to all of it.

The Good Stuff: Everything is updated. The whole layout seems cleaner and operates better. Some people complain that it slows down their computers but that is not true for the majority of the users. The whole process has been refined and the layout appears to be more streamlined. The dashboard is more easily accessible, there are more trackpad techniques, and all of the applications seem to be more integrated with one another. The new PhotoBooth is fantastic. It is full screen with plenty of new and fun camera effects.

The Bad Stuff: The learning curve is huge. Spaces and swiping are completely different than they were with the previous operating system. Now you can make a bunch of new desktops and place applications there. You cannot stack spaces, you have to scroll through all of them. The swiping is different. When you want to go back on a web page, you have to do a new double swipe movement on your trackpad. Also, you might have a big learning curve when you try to find the launchpad and dashboard.

This is an update that is good for some, difficult for others. Overall, it is a good change because everything works better together.

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