New Food Fraud Blog By The “Food Fraud Spy”

December 28, 2015

Tech News

In his zealous commitment to battle food fraud, Mitchell Weinberg, Founder, President & CEO of INSCATECH, has created a candid and often contentious new blog called

Weinberg says that “the purpose of the blog is to share our experience and opinions about food fraud and the food industry from our unique view of the food world.” INSCATECH is the only company in the world actually catches people in the act of committing food fraud. Weinberg added that he is “deeply concerned by the frequency that food fraud is occurring, its impact on every single person that eats, and the food industry’s anemic reaction to food fraud. We hope that this blog will stimulate thought and discussion about this critical issue and be used as a forum to effect change.” 

Those concerned about what they eat should read the blog at

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