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March 8, 2016

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Forster NSW, Australia, [8,03,2016]. Sho’N’Tell, an art enthusiasts initiative is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website Noticing the need for a visually-driven, talent-focused artist and passion-driven writing platform that brings together the new creative class — Kalen Rees, an ace web designer opted to develop the answer to a basic networking, writing and artist discovery stage in a digital generation, thanks to him is up and running. 

The new site has extensive content including a series of visual arts and wonderful articles among other impressive pieces. The site hosts smart and timely ideas that fill a detected void, while making it easier for people to showcase their personal, and or professional impressions of various phenomenon. The website focuses on art as an investment and the state of the art market. Creating an account on the site is no big deal, all one has to do click on the sign up button, provide their email address and password then log in. Once logged in, they can access all the services at no costs.  

Simple and easy to use, delivers an on-demand visual impression of the contributor’s work tailored for today’s on-the-go culture. Besides artist discovery, the platform also enables artists, writers, graphic designers and brand developers collaborate and engage each other constructively either directly or through social media.  

Speaking during the launch, the lead developer, Mr. Kalen Rees had this to say; 

“I researched, listened to and envisioned what artists needed to expedite discovery and consequently developed a new website that would help fill those needs. The website features short descriptions of the arts, links to social channels, some notable co-signs and interestingly curated content for users to read. We are working on a geo-targeted discovery feature that will forge instant connections between those seeking and those providing talent across the globe. The ultimate goal of the platform is to foster relationships between artists, writers and their fans around the world. is launching exclusively in Australia, with plans to expand into the global realm. 




About Sho’N’Tell 

Sho’N’Tell is a stunning, customized, discreet art website that focuses on providing a platform for everyone to showcase their talent. The initiative appreciates the fact that there’s a tinge of greatness in everyone hence gives anyone an opportunity show the world what they’ve got, with a sure belief that Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. The developer’s dream is to see everyone making good use of the platform to share their experiences and things they like, more so writers and artists.  

So far the website has a vast collection classified under fifteen distinct categories, these are: 3D Computer Graphics, comics, digital media, drawing, fashion, Gif, Meme, Misc, Mixed media, photography, pixel art, screen printing, sculpture, selfie and painting. Though the website is based in Australia, it is consistently growing and anticipating to conquer the international domain in the near future.  For more information, take a look at their homepage; 

Contact Information 

Forster NSW, 

64 Short Street Forster. 

Phone: 0423079744 

Email: [email protected]

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