Motorcycle Communication Systems

May 28, 2014

Tech News

motorcycle intercomWith the rise in popularity of motorcycles and power sports, it is important that riders, particularly new riders stay safe while enjoying riding and driving these vehicles. For many years, developers have been creating technology that allows riders to communicate with one another to enhance their experience while riding while also providing the necessary support to keep riders safe while on their bikes. Though developers have released intercom and bluetooth technology for cyclists before, the newest models for intercoms and bluetooth communication systems has never been this advanced, meaning that never before have riders been so safe.

One of the latest and greatest improvements to these systems began when bluetooth was added directly to the helmets of the riders. This allows riders to connect to different devices like GPS, MP3, cell phones, and other mobile devices. Connecting riders to these mobile devices makes riding more enjoyable and more safe for riders. Bluetooth devices can also be synced so that different riders as part of the same group within the same geographical region can all speak with one another. The ranges on these devices vary greatly. But, some of the devices allow riders to be up to a mile apart and still experience great reception when communicating via Bluetooth devices.

For those who are not yet ready to invest in a Bluetooth enabled helmet, other options still offer the same benefits simply in the form of a detachable headset. Though the Bluetooth helmets are all the rage and offer a whole range of benefits, many riders are simply already happy with their bike helmets or aren’t willing to invest the money in one of these nifty devices. Such riders shouldn’t fret, detachable devices may be slightly less convenient. However, they still offer the same perks that th helmets do without the hefty price tag.

Another addition to these devices has already been employed by some forward thinking companies. Some services are now allowing different bikers to pay to join a network. This makes biking a more social experience than ever before. If different bikers are part of the same network, they have the option to sync their accounts so they can communicate while on rides together. This is particularly convenient for motorists that like going out in large groups with different sets of friends. These systems make it easier than ever before to have a fun and safe experience while out on the terrain in remote locations.

Because of the increased capabilities of these motorcycle communication systems, they have become more and more prominent throughout the riding community. And now, cyclists have loads of different companies, equipment, and plans to choose from. This competition helps ensure that bikers get the experience and equipment that they want.

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