Merry Christmas Kobe. Want to live without pain? How about you Peyton? Tiger? Your choice says The Pain Whisperer.

December 23, 2015

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Celebrated pain specialist Doctor Tom Chi routinely cures chronic pain like what affects Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods with a “snap of the fingers” using his breakthrough treatment.


SOUTH FALLSBURG, N.Y., December 23, 2015

Peyton Manning suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, a Latin term which means “pain in the bottom of the foot”. The Pain Whisperer says the condition is ridiculously easy to cure.

Dr. Tom Chi renowned as The Pain Whisperer, quickly cures chronic pain even after years of therapies and failed surgeries including for many notables such as Mark Ruffalo and Oprah Winfrey.

The all-time queen of talk shows called him “Fabulous!” The Avengers actor said: “Tom Chi saved my life and my career”.

To see big-time sports icons suffering needlessly is particularly loathsome since he’s cured over 100 MD’s, members of Congress, titans of industry, about a dozen billionaires, teachers, farmers… everyone else.

MD’s describe Plantar Fasciitis as a strain and possible micro-tears of the ligament tissue that connects the heel to the toes. It can sideline an athlete for months or end a career.

Athletes like Peyton Manning can easily re-injure the foot which exacerbates the problem.

Dr. Chi used mastery of kung fu to highly sensitize his hands. He then developed sophisticated manual techniques that actually repair injuries causing most all chronic pain problems. Not like all the talk we hear from every therapist ever and then no results. His are documented. You can review numerous patient before/after videos at and on his website.

Dr. Mike Frumkin M.D. on The Pain Whisperer: “Medically sound and nothing short of astounding!”

He can visualize, diagnose and track the injury repair to completion as he feels injuries with a similar clarity to how we see the room around us with our eyes.

According to Jessica Palmentiere from the Pain Whisperer Team “Dr. Chi cures injuries even after years of therapies and failed surgeries. We routinely see these results with our daily hosting of chronic pain sufferers from around the world.”

These amazing results drew the interest of Dr. Oz with whom Tom recently filmed a segment. And on The Doctors, Dr. Ordon jumps up and jogs across the stage following just one treatment with Tom after two knee surgeries failed. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery No Better Than Placebo Surgery

Many of the meniscus repairs and back and neck surgeries fail and athletes suffer failed surgery after failed surgery.

We can see that Tiger Woods’ surgeries left him with lots of disabling pain yet with treatment by The Pain Whisperer past results tell us that Tiger would typically be 100% within days with no injury to re-activate even after those failed surgeries.

Kobe Bryant just announced that his body will force his retirement yet Dr. Chi says Mr. Bryant is one more chronic pain sufferer who is curable. “if Kobe wants to retire that’s fine but don’t blame pain as we can simply cure that and move on”.

Adhesions cause and/or sustain disc compressions and ruptures. Micro-discectomies often fail as do fusions by not treating the actual cause of pain. Injured muscles surround and control the vertebrae relentlessingly pulling them close together causing ruptures and pain. The Pain Whisperer manually repairs the adhesions and the discs quickly stabilize, pain gone.

Dr. Rosomoff M.D. did CT scan studies showing that 50% of those with arthritis had chronic pain and 50% of those without arthritis had pain. Conclusion? Arthritis is not the cause of chronic pain, it’s from those adhesions in the muscles and tendons.

When Dr. Oz showed Dr. Chi two x-rays, one with no arthritis and one with extreme arthritis and asked “what do you think?”. Dr. Chi replied “they look the same to me. Studies show that arthritis is not the cause of chronic pain so either patient could be the one in pain”.

So Merry Christmas Kobe, Peyton, Tiger. The gift is that you can be pain free. If you want.


Contact: Jessica Palmentiere, The Pain Whisperer Team


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