Looking for the Best Internet Provider? Customer Service is Key!

March 19, 2013

Tech News

We’ve all been there before: dealing with Internet customer service in some way, shape or form. For most, it was to order the service in the first place and arrange for its set-up; for others, it was to call about interruption in service or the Internet going down. Sometimes customers call Internet customer service in order to pay bills, and other times it is to troubleshoot a connection problem or inquire about its performance. It’s not a surprise that most people do not enjoy calling customer service phone numbers, as their helpfulness and assistance can be spotty at best. While having reliable Internet is important, effective and efficient customer service is also key when looking for the best Internet provider.

If you are considering adding or upgrading Internet in your home, be sure to call many local companies to compare pricing and service quotes. Then, you will also want to evaluate the level of service and assistance you received with your inquiry. Were the agents helpful and responsive? Did they provide you with thorough answers to your questions? Did they highlight all up-front costs and related fees? Did they communicate the value of the high speed Internet services they recommended to you? Did they attempt to close the sale in a confident yet respectful way? The reason these questions are important is because chances are, you may be speaking to these customer service representatives again at some point in your future, and good customer service is just as important as reliable Internet service when determining who the best Internet provider is for you.

Red flags to consider on your hunt for the best Internet provider should be whether the agents were short with you, whether or not you felt that they were being up front with you on costs and fees, and whether or not they could clearly and effectively speak to the value their Internet package may offer to you. If they treat you rudely or don’t go into detail about pricing or benefits, politely close the conversation and thank them for their time. Then, go with another provider. Yes, it could be that they were just having a bad day, but oftentimes customer service is reflective of the company’s commitment to excellence as a whole.

You will want to invest your time and resources into finding not only the most reliable and efficient Internet service provider, but also one that provides excellent customer service so that calling doesn’t have to be an annoyance anymore.

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