Long Term Care Planning and Health Care New Website Debuts

August 3, 2015

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A new website has debuted featuring the latest news on health and Long Term Health Care Planning. The vision comes from a retired Alabama nurse with a passion for planning. She has helped establish this new website which will assist consumers learn about Long Term Health Care Planning and Health news.

Terri Flynn, RN is the publisher of www.longtermcareplanningnews.com. The website has resource links of videos and websites from many sources to help consumers as they plan for their future retirement in addition to the latest news stories in Long Term Health Care Planning and general health topics.

“Some people fail to include health related calculations as part of their planning. The end result is a financial and emotional impact on loved ones. I saw this many times in my years as a nurse. Just as important is the availability of quality care especially as people age. Without the proper resources and advance planning, these resources will be limited. This means an increased reliance of government welfare programs for healthcare. For many, this means a spend-down of hard earned assets before they would qualify,” said Flynn. 

Flynn notes the emotional and financial burdens placed on family can be huge. She says so many people fail to think about these things when they are younger and healthier. She notes that as a nurse she understands how health can change at a moment’s notice and planning is key to protect savings and help the family deal with these issues.

She said the U.S. Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, M.D., reminded the public recently at the White House National Conference on aging that all of us are getting older. 

“All of us our aging no matter what age we are at, to be clear,” Vivek said.

Flynn said the Surgeon General says as people age they still want to remain independent. 

“The conversations we have had (with parents) is how they can stay healthy and independent as they get older recognizing they want to be part of their children’s lives but they don’t want to be dependent on their kids for everything,” he said.

This is why Flynn started http://longtermcareplanningnews.com.

“I really want people ages 40 to 65 to have a place where they can learn more about planning options and health issues so they can make the proper planning decisions. Be it savings and 401ks, Long Term Care Insurance, and ways to be more healthy, these are all things people need to start thinking about well before they become “old”,” Flynn explained.

The website will also publish submitted articles from professionals about planning ideas and those who have experienced issues regarding Long Term Health Care. Those articles can be submitted at [email protected]. She hopes to publish as many articles as possible to help educate consumers.

Businesses who wish to advertise on the site can seek information at the same email.

“I would encourage those who are 40 to 65 to visit http://longtermcareplanningnews.com on a daily basis. News stories on these topics come up all the time and this website to a central location to find news and information about Long Term Health Care Planning and health related issues,” Flynn said.

The website is: http://longtermcareplanningnews.com  


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