Linking Building 101: Cheap links vs High Quality Links

June 20, 2013

Tech Tips

If you’ve been reading up on SEO lately, you may have seen that having a good amount of links pointing to your website can help increase your site’s position on search engines like Google. But not all links are the same. There are many SEO service providers which claim that they can give you thousands of links at cheap prices. They may even tell you that their links will help your page get a better position on Google.

However, this isn’t really true. Cheap links can actually hurt your SEO efforts, rather than help them. You will need to understand the difference between cheap and high quality links if you’re starting a link building campaign.

Cheap links will often come from websites that are completely unrelated to your niche. This alone will make them practically useless in your SEO campaign. For example, if your site sells computer parts, getting links from sites that promote dog food or talk about travel isn’t going to help you at all.

The number of links that are found on the site will also make quite a difference. If a site has a high amount of outbound links, especially if these go to destinations that are completely unrelated to each other, the links you get will again have little value for you. But we can see this very often from providers of cheap links. They will post links on a website to dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of sites in different niches.

Another thing to consider is that sellers of cheap links may sometimes use tactics such as spamming forums, blogs or the comment section of certain websites in order to place your link there. They may post comments like “Thanks, that was great! [your link here].” In many cases, these links will get removed as spam by the site moderators quickly enough. This could also cause problems for your business, as your website will become known as associated with link spam.

On the other hand, high quality links can help you get very good results from your SEO efforts. They don’t come cheap, but they do bring results. Quality links will come from a collection of different reputable websites that will have a close relationship to the niche your business operates in, as well as a limited number of outbound links on each page. Search engines such as Google and Bing will thus give them a lot more weight.

There are many companies, such as
, which can provide you with all the help you need with regards to your SEO efforts. When it comes to SEO, remember that it is much better to deal with a reputable provider, instead of a shady seller of cheap links.


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