IPhone Accessories

October 10, 2013

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The greatest technology isn’t as good as it could be without the right accessories to enhance its capabilities and fully use the functions it has available. Some of the most basic accessories to not forget to include with your iPhone are:

Colorful Ear buds – Gone are the days of plain old black or white ear buds. Keep things unique and stylish with a fun and colorful ear bud. When looking for the right ear buds consider some important qualities:

  • Style, the two main styles are ear buds and over the earphones.
  • Comfort, you want the ear piece to fit comfortably in your ear. Women select earphones that are smaller and made for women. Look for ergonomically designed ones
  • Make sure the ear phones will be compatible with your iPhone, look for some that have controls like a microphone, music controls, phone calls and volume control.
  • Make sure to get tangle free cords.
  • Water and sweat resistant, especially if you will be wearing them outside often.
  • Exceptional sound quality, you want to be able to hear all of the music the way it was meant to be heard. The right ear bud will provide the best sound and will help cancel out outside noise.
  • Make sure to find the best fit to make sure they won’t fall out of your ears, especially when you are working out. Look for TwistLock technology to keep the ear buds in place at all times.

Charger- It is best to have two wall chargers and a car charger. Keep one charger at work, one at home and one for in the car. Having an IPhone means that you want to be able to utilize it, this won’t happen if the battery is low or dead. Have a charger available wherever you are.

Cover- There are phone  covers that will not only have your phone stand out and reflect your personality but it will also help protect the phone against damages from being dropped.  Look for covers made out of cushioned rubber material to ensure when dropped it won’t crack your screen or have your battery pop out every time.

Screen Protector- Having a touch phones means if something happens to the screen it could end up meaning that the phone isn’t capable of all its functions. Having a screen protector applied will help keep the screen from scratches and keep it newer looking.

Phone Holder- There is specially designed phone holders for the dash of your car, and to clip on to your pants or purse.  For a more active lifestyle be sure to include an arm band to keep your phone protected and in place.

Enjoy your IPhone to its fullest potential and keep it in great condition!

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