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January 10, 2014

Tech News

No one will argue that the internet is one the biggest inventions of all time. It helps us with our work, our kids homework and even lets us have some fun if you have a fast enough connection. Once companies started selling internet connections it took off at such a rate that no one thought could happen.

Hivelocity is one of these companies. Along with many others such Hughes net and Exceed they bring the vastness of the world into your home. All internet providers have different rates for which you pay for their services. Hivelocity has rates that start at $109 dollars a month and go up from there. Along with different prices you’ll get different speeds that the internet will work on.

From dial up to 4g the speed may be different but it all takes you to the same internet. Internet providers now can offer wireless internet connections which are usually much faster than other types of connections. High speed internet used to be hard for people that didn’t live in town to get. Now with the help of satellite technology high speed internet is available to just about everyone. The internet it self has made some pretty big strides over the years to from helping doctors to save lives to simple stuff like letting people check their bank accounts without having to call the bank. Cell phones now even have internet built into them so you have the conveniences of the internet on the road. People can use Google Maps on a smart phone and get directions to places all over the world and all from a small handheld device.

The world uses the internet nonstop, someone is always on it looking up a recipe or logging into an email account. Helping people stay in touch with family and friends through MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook seems to be the main reason for younger adults and teens using the internet. Even though the internet has brought us so many good things over the years it has also made it easier to be taken advantage of. Identity thieves use the internet to take control of your assets and basically ruin your life.

Predators such as child molesters and rapist use the chat rooms on the internet to find their next potential victim. The internet is a tool that betters our lives and makes a lot of things easier but be careful and watch yourself on it cause someone else may be watching to.

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