Internet Acess in Your Car-Dream or Reality?

March 10, 2013

Tech News

Technology in cars has followed a steady stream of innovation: satellite radio to entertain you, remote diagnostics to get you out of a jam, a DVD player to keep the kids quiet in the back seat; a GPS to help you find your way.

Just when you thought in-car technology couldn’t get any more advanced … along comes high speed Internet.

Many people with data plans already access the web in their cars via smartphone or tablet. But the results are sometimes inconsistent, with connectivity depending on the location and speed of the vehicle.
Integrated high speed Internet ups the ante considerably, turning your entire car into a WiFi hotspot.

In 2012, manufacturers began announcing 4G networking and advanced vehicle-based satellite antennas designed to make high speed Internet part of the car’s digital system.

Then, using your mobile devices, you can download apps to give your car a variety of new functions that can make your journey safer and more enjoyable.

• Get real-time traffic and road-closure updates that most GPS units just can’t match.
• Have voicemail and email messages read out to you automatically – and eliminate fumbling for a phone.
• Track the whereabouts of a stolen vehicle from your smartphone.
• Get access to information and help in remote areas that may not otherwise support cell phone service.
• Stream movies and TV shows for the kids through mobile devices, and gain freedom from DVDs.
• Get digital TV reception (but don’t watch while you drive!)
• Find advanced navigation through services like Siri – simply ask for directions.
• Instruct the garage door to open as you pull into your street.
What About Texting?

You don’t need to be reminded of the danger involved with texting while driving. High speed Internet in the car can display a text message on your center console, which you can see at a glance (much like looking at any other gauge on your dashboard).

Depending on how individual laws and mandates are developed, you will ideally not be able to reply to the text while driving. However, the technology could provide a button that conveys the message, “Currently driving: will respond later.”
From dream to reality, high speed Internet is coming to a vehicle near you.

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