Installing A CCTV In Your Business

The acronym “CCTV” stand for “closed circuit television.” A CCTV system, is a television system which does not carry the same channels and programming as a regular television set. Rather, a CCTV system only displays those images which its owner wishes to monitor. The images captured by a CCTV system are not sent out over the airwaves to the world at large. Instead, the are routed back to the person or organization who filmed the images for their own viewing.

What is the purpose of installing a CCTV system? Why would anyone wish to monitor or record the things which happen in their own environment? The main reason given is security. People often install CCTV systems in the hopes of furthering the security of their business or residence. There are two major ways in which the presence of a CCTV is thought to increase security.

Firstly, the presence of a CCTV system is thought to deter criminal behavior. In the case of a store in which shoplifting is an issue, a functioning CCTV may cause potential shoplifters to fear that their criminal behavior, if captured on video, could be used to prosecute them in a criminal trial. Likewise, a CCTV could deter shoplifting in that the potential shoplifter might fear the shame and humiliation of having an image of themselves engaged in the act of stealing displayed prominently in the store. On a more serious note, the presence of a CCTV may help deter armed robberies and crimes involving breaking and entering if the potential criminal is aware that their image could be recorded and might be used to prove their guilt in court.

Secondly, the presence of a CCTV can help protect a business from legal liability. If, for instance, employees were forced to eject an unruly customer from their place of business, and the customer later tried to sue the business by alleging assault, a CCTV could prove instrumental in disproving the claims of the disgruntled customer. Of course, this is assuming that the employees in question were acting in accordance with the law. If they were not, it is less likely that the footage captured by the CCTV could be used to exonerate them.

If you are considering installing a CCTV in Miami Fl, it is likely that you either fear becoming the victim of criminal activity, or, fear being accused of criminal activity yourself. While both potentials are surely unpleasant things to consider, it is possible that in some instances, getting a properly functioning CCTV might be a wise course of action.

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