In Review: Looking Back to the 2013 WebRTC Conference and Expo

July 17, 2013

Tech News

​​The Global WebRTC ecosystem event took place in Atlanta, Georgia on June 25-27. Both the conference and expo are an important event in too many aspects. First of all, it provided a great chance to revise the existing ideas, based on the latest technology and define the possible promising expansion areas. Secondly, it delivers a sign that the technology has already been set as stable with all the necessary attributes as regular events, weighty sponsors and established community. Thirdly, it provides a background for professional communication and experience sharing among developers interested in the technology as well as proves the potential of the approach to possible customers and clients from the corporate segment of the market.

The technology does open splendid opportunities not just for common users eager to get rid of additional third-party solutions which charge regular payments for providing audio and video chat services.  The main goal of the marketers should be and definitely  are large corporations which might view WebRTC standard as a great benefit to their corporate communication area as well as a huge advantage over competitors in customer service applications.

The main topics of the conference comprised WebRTC in the cloud, implementing mobile WebRTC, a complicated attitude to the  technology from telco and mobile operators, advantages and prospects for the enterprise community as well as its main threats to the secured communication environment the corporate sector insists on.

Despite the fact that WebRTC development or WebRTC integration services have arisen quite recently, a reasonable amount of awards were won at the Conference.  TokBox and  Priologic are among the few most popular while booths of other participants do have things to surprise common web users and lure corporate fat cats.

TokBox won the Best WebRTC Tool Award for presenting development tools for its  OpenTok Platform which is meant for creating and managing  commercial applications for face-to-face communication which  are easily embedded and integrated in any web resource.  Cloud Raptor SDK, pre-configured tools for customer service as well as advanced quality controls supply developers with a range of reliable tools for delivering applications on the base of that cutting-edge technology. owned by Priologic  is a service  of anonymous  and secure chat rooms  built on WebRTC standard  and completely browser-based. It literally takes seconds to log in  and requires no special plugins installations at all.  The application is built on EasyRTC Enterprise platform which is also owned by Priologic and   uses EasyRTC which got the Best WebRTC Tool award last year.

In general, though WebRTC conference and expo  haven’t yet obtained  the scale and popularity of developer events hosted by market leaders such as Google or Apple, the list of the event sponsors is quite impressive including not just  a load of mid- and small- sized software development companies but such behemoths as Google, Ericsson, Genesys, Oracle and many other significant industry players.

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