How Cable Companies Are Responding To Google Fiber

June 3, 2013

Tech Info

Nearly everyone is connected to the internet these days, and most are taking advantage of high speed internet as it is becoming widely available. If you like to keep up on internet trends then you’re sure to have heard of Google Fiber and how fast the internet speeds are on fiber optic networks. Fiber optic networks allow users to take advantage of 10 Gigabyte per second bandwidth speeds. Companies are investing huge amounts of money to install these costly networks that boast impressive internet speeds. This has caused cable companies and other internet service providers to develop faster networks or be left behind. This new competition has caused many internet service providers, especially the cable companies, to speed up their networks and offer more valuable packages. The cable companies are hoping to keep their customers and make themselves more attractive to new customers with these services.


Cable companies have long been in the business of providing their customers with high value deals when the bundle or package a variety of their services. A customer can elect to have their home phone, internet and television packages bundled in order to receive a discount from the cable company. Many other internet service providers offer similar options for their customers who enjoy satellite television. These attractive bundles make it easier for a customer to see value in keeping their internet service tied to their home phone and television services.


Some cable companies are investing in upgrading their network to compete with the super fast speeds that a fiber network brings by installing a faster networks of their own. Many are resorting to using faster cat6a cables for their networks. These cables are cheaper to install than the typical fiber optic cable that is used in a fiber network as they are made primarily out of copper which is cheaper than fiber in a fiber optic cable. The cat6a cables are also lightening fast and will deliver the internet to homes at super fast speeds. This upgrade to the cat6a cable from the already very fast cat5e cable is what many internet service providers are using to make their networks faster and more competitive with Google Fiber.


Cable companies have a variety of options that they are using to combat the influence of Google Fiber, primarily through the use of package deals and by upgrading their network to stay competitive. With the internet becoming more content rich users need the fastest internet available in order to maximize their experience. If you’re in the market for super high speed internet and Google Fiber hasn’t reached your location you may be in luck if your local cable company is offering a super fast connection using high bandwidth cat6a cables.

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