Having an Enjoyable Business Conference

May 1, 2013

Tech News

Being involved with the technology sector I have the opportunity to visit many different locations presenting and attending conferences. At first I had mixed feelings, I loved learning about new products but I missed my family. I would just go to the conference then head back to my hotel room which I realized was pretty lame. One time I traveled with our Director of Technology who also had a family but had a very different approach to attending these conferences; he would mingle with other attendees and presenters and make plans with them for the evening, yet he still made time to call his wife and kids and say good night. He taught me a few things on how to make the conferences a great experiences yet still focus on what is important in life. He truly made his trips carefree.

1. Mingle with presenters and attendees. Conferences are great to learn about new products but more importantly serve as a place to network with others in your field. He would talk to those who he thought he could have meaningful business relationships and invited them to come to dinner or the bar afterwords.

2. Have plenty of business cards and give them all out. My boss always brought lots of business cards and he had a goal by the end of the conference to have them all out and replaced with others. Again I learned he was networking. Something I was not good at.

3. Have a set time that you will call your family and stick to it. It is important to make new friends but also to show others you value their time, even if they are family.

4. Don’t sit in your hotel room. Usually conferences are in cool spots like Las Vegas, New Orleans, or Florida for a reason. Go out and enjoy what the city has to offer. See the important sights.

5. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, don’t over extend yourself while on trips. Make sure your mingling and after conference activities get over in a reasonable time so you can be rested for the next day.

These 5 tips changed how I attended conferences. They made me a better employee and I know they will make you one too!


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