Have a Broken iPad Screen? Here’s What To Do!

January 24, 2013

Tech Tips

The worst thing that can happen to you as an iPad owner is somehow damaging your iPad’s lovely screen. After all, you spent a small fortune on your sweet tech toy, and you want it to stay in good shape for years to come. If your iPad screen should get damaged, though, what should you do? iPad screen repair comes to mind, but it’s a complicated, multi-stepped process. The more difficult issue would be tackling water damaged iPad repair. If your screen is just broken, here’s what you ought to do.

Purchase a New iPad

The easiest solution–provided you have the cash–would simply be to skip the whole repair process and purchase a whole new iPad. Many people will likely not be able to go for this option, so just continue reading.

Return the iPad to Apple

Likely the most direct way to deal with this problem, taking the damaged iPad to your nearest Apple Store for a replacement seems to be a safe bet. However, there’s apparently no consistent policy from the company with regard to how to deal with a broken screen. Still, a good number of Apple users have reported positive experiences involving the company and its replacement of their broken iPads. Some people have been able to get their iPads completely replaced when they brought in their damaged iPad to an Apple Store. Success is not always guaranteed, though, as some people have reported that staff at some Apple Stores turned them down.

There’s Always the 3rd-Party Repair Shop

If an Apple Store isn’t being compliant with your request, then try seeing if a 3rd-party repair shop will be any better. Due to the fact that a broken screen is actually a common problem, it should not be too difficult to locate a 3rd-party shop that can help you out. Prior to trusting your iPad to a total stranger, you should do a bit of research. For instance, find out if the 3rd-party repair shop is really an Apple Authorized Service Provider. It’s also a great idea to always obtain an estimate before any work starts. If you want to save some cash, a drop-off shop may even be best.

Take Care of It Yourself

This is the least popular option. You can buy an OEM digital screen for just under a hundred dollars, and this is the cheapest route to go. While you do have to be somewhat tech-minded, all it takes is some simple tools and maybe an hour or so. This is risky, though, if you don’t have any prior experience with fumbling around with tech gadgets.

These are four good suggestions on what to do if you’re in need of broken iPad screen repair. Repairing a broken iPad screen is something that can be handled by Apple, by a 3rd-party store or by the consumer. The most important thing is that you get a functional screen again, so that you can surf the web, check e-mail and have peace of mind.

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