Free e-Learning solution for schools, universities and other educational institutions

April 26, 2017

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The most recent trends in education, mobility and e-Learning systems define a whole new approach to the purchase of online learning systems. There are a lot of things to consider. When choosing an e-Learning system, the users need to take into account aspects such as the speed of putting the system into operation, its user-friendliness or whether it is accessible from any device. And of course, it is very important to consider the cost of such a solution.

e-Learning system with zero costs

If there is an institution with an environment that requires zero costs for the e-learning platform, provides the perfect solution for them.

Easy to use in few minutes

The schools, universities or non-profit organizations can now use this e-Learning platform for free thanks to the Free enrollment plan, which enables the users to work with three standard lesson types: pdf, video and SCORM 1.2. All of the lesson types can be used for online education, reporting and testing the users with SCORM packages.

The teachers can insert their own lesson content to the free online learning platform. They can create a new one or they can re-use some of the material they already had (e.g. presentations, videos etc.). The lessons can also be prepared during grant educational programs; either way, the eLearning system runs for free.

Other useful features

The system can be created, filled with data and set up for use during a few minutes. This decreases the costs for implementing the LMS platform considerably; in fact, there is no need to ask an IT department to implement the system. It is not necessary to connect it with the school network in any way. is a cloud app and the users can access it immediately. All you need is an Internet browser and any mobile device. This flexibility enables to implement the free online learning platform in a very short time; all you need to do is to add new users and your content.

Furthermore, this free e-Learning platform supports the idea of teachers administrating the lesson contents and the users’ enrollments as well. The users can follow certain learning plans, they can search the courses themselves and enroll themselves to them. also provides detailed reports about all the users’ results and their improvement and automatic e-mail notifications to all the users. All these features make the use of this free online educational system easy both for the teachers and the students.

Personalized e-Learning platform

It is possible to personalize the platform with the school’s logo and colors, or to use the same colors they use on their web. That way, the users will perceive the platform as a part of the school system. There is also the possibility of setting up their own domain and subdomain for the schools, which obviously improves the general user experience. Not surprisingly, Training-Online won the 2016 Great User Experience Award.

Additional funding for schools and nonprofit organizations

Last but not least, the school may get an additional income by starting its own e-Learning marketplace: an e-Shop for courses. Any course or lesson content can be displayed in an e-Shop by the users, so the passers-by on the Internet can buy it while the schools earn money without having to do any extra work.

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