Five Tech Friendly Phone Options for Baby-Boomers

January 15, 2013

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For those born into the baby boomer generation, times are changing, and they are changing rapidly. New cell phones can do everything from locating constellations in the sky to mapping your entire family history in a second, and even more tablets and smartphones are being developed to go beyond these modern enhancements. So what about those simpler phones? Health studies show that as baby boomers age, there will be an increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s, making it difficult to use devices with a lot of options and technology. While some senior citizens may find themselves right at home with the newest smartphones, the more simple options are still available and include some great benefits.

The Jitterbug

The new Samsung Jitterbug has become the newest easy-to-use phone available in a long line of newfangled smartphones. Samsung is a known maker of high quality tech gear, including some of the best-selling mobile phones, so with a bright display, large keypad and GreatCall technology, users will find it easy to make calls, plan calendar events and gain instant help through GreatCall operators. Jitterbug’s most unique resource is its close ties to the carrier GreatCall that allow an operator to help users do anything from sending a text to planning a day of activities with reminders on the Jitterbug.

Just5 Phones

For those who want something sleek and simple, Just5 phones have been featured on CBS News, Today and Cnet as the “antidote to overly complex cell phones.” These phones are specifically for those who have vision problems and don’t need a lot of extra phone features, as the keypad is extra large for easy operation, the sound is loud for those hard of hearing and the phone has a long-lasting battery for increased reliability. In addition, an emergency SOS button has been built into the phone, a great plus for seniors who have medical issues and need diligent care.

Nokia C2-01.5

If you find these phones to be too simple for you, perhaps the Nokia C2-01.5 is the perfect combination of features and easy-to-use options. While it wasn’t specifically made for seniors, the Nokia C2-01.5 is a durable, reliable phone that has a large keypad, menu options and a decent camera for taking mobile pictures. This Nokia can even use apps and access the Internet if you so choose.

Doro 410

If you still love the flip style phone, the Doro 410 was made with seniors in mind and comes with smooth edges. The phone also includes an SOS button while also providing Bluetooth capability, which is good for seniors who are very active and want a hands-free mobile. This phone is only available to users on the AT&T network.

Samsung Galaxy Note with Big Launcher

Not all seniors will be impressed with this list because many of the options are for those who steer clear of technology, but if you embrace such things and want a phone that has all of the newest gadgets. The Samsung Galaxy is a great phone not specifically made for senior citizens but offers amazing features for those younger baby boomers who love using apps, text messaging and playing games on their phone. The Galaxy Note is a larger phone with a big display and a stylus pen which makes it easier to use the touch screen options, but if you want to increase your visibility, try the Big Launcher app that will change the home screen to a friendlier and home launch screen with a SOS touch button built in.

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