Don’t Lose Your Power – Gambling Responsibly with Smartphone Casino Games

September 30, 2013

Tech Tips

casino iphoneGambling on the floor of a casino and becoming addicted to the thrill of winning isn’t the only way that a person may form an addiction to gambling. Numerous smart phone casino apps and websites today entice players with addictive gambling habits. It’s vital to ensure that responsible gaming happens anywhere that a person might gamble, whether it is inside a casino or on a smart phone.  These games should be fun so you need to make sure you are safe when you are high rolling you should test the free plays out as well to get a feel for the site good gaming sites like will let you try before you play for real money. Here are some ways to stay safe.

Knowing the Warning Signs of Addiction

Responsible gambling and gaming requires that an individual can recognize when he or she has a problem with gambling. One must be aware of the warning signs that suggest an addiction to gambling might be forming. Those warning signs include:

1. Depression from not gambling
2. Using money for gambling instead of bills
3. Insomnia due to thinking about gambling
4. Gambling for long hours and ignoring life

Because gambling is an addiction, recognizing these traits in one’s own behavior might be particularly difficult. Before engaging in any gambling that might include a smart phone, which by its very nature offers very easy access to gambling, it’s important to ask a family member or close friend to be aware of any potential warning signs of a gambling addiction.

Creating Responsible Play Schedules

Before engaging in the use of any casino app, it’s important to create some guidelines and restrictions on play after firing up the smart phone. Placing a limit on how many hours may be played without a break helps to reduce the chances that someone will gamble for an unhealthy length of time.

Playing with a gambling app on a smart phone shouldn’t be an activity that demands any more than a few minutes of a person’s time each day. Setting an alarm on the phone, as a time limit for playtime, may help a person return to the land of the living if he or she becomes too absorbed with casino app play.

Past Gambling Addiction and Apps

For individuals with a past gambling problem, using a smart phone app for gambling is not recommended. Just as an alcoholic should avoid circumstances where alcohol will be present, a person in a state of recovery from a gambling addiction should not introduce that element into his or her life again. This means staying away from a casino smart phone app.

Playing responsibly with casino apps is possible for any smart phone user, but care should be taken before installing such apps to make sure that a person isn’t vulnerable to starting an addiction or reviving an old addiction. Awareness regarding the warning signs of gambling addiction, and how those warning signs might present in an individual using a casino app, is critical.

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