Do you Need Cell Phone Insurance

January 3, 2014

Tech News

Are you debating what to do about your next cell phone plan? If you aren’t sure if cell phone insurance is right for you, consider your track history with phones. How often do you break your phone? Have you ever dropped it in water? How many times have you had issues with your phone before your contract date? You need to know what type of care you give your phone so you know if you need to buy the insurance. Here are some things you need to consider as you debate cell phone insurance.

How much is insurance?

Most people avoid the insurance because of the cost. Consider how much it will cost you to replace your phone, and all the information you will lose, if your phone is stolen? You need to really consider the costs of insurance and the cost of the phone to decide if it is a good investment. You can easily replace a phone toward the end of your contract term for free, but a phone that is at the beginning of a contract term can cost you upwards of $500. Every insurance plan will have a fee. Does the plan include a one-time fee you need to pay now, or is the insurance part of your monthly plan? Compare the costs to determine if you want to pay for the insurance now.

What does insurance cover?

This is something you really need to review. If you are a person that forgets about their phone and go swimming with it, or you end up misplacing the phone, you have to get an insurance plan that covers these issues. You need to know that the insurance will replace your phone if it is stolen, lost, or broken. What about if you drop the phone and the screen cracks? Does the insurance plan cover the costs of replacing the phone even if it is still working? What about your identity? Does the insurance have an identity protection program? With so many people using their phones for mobile banking and other needs, it is important to consider all of your options to make sure you are not losing your identity. Insurance is a great way to protect yourself.

Do you care about your phone?

Instead of being carefree with your phone, you need to try your best to protect your phone. You can do this by using cellphonecases that will prevent the phone from breaking if it falls. It is important to treat your phone well if you want it to last for a few years. Since the insurance plans can be expensive, do yourself a favor and learn how to care for your phone so you don’t end up with a broken phone and an expensive phone contract.


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