Different Parts of a Computer and What they Do

April 3, 2013

Tech News

Each part of a computer has a specific job to do individually that contributes to the overall function of the computer.  These different parts are designed to work together to offer speed, reliability, and functionality in your computer system.  Here are the major parts of a computer and what they do:

  • Processor.  The processor controls the function of the computer.  It is essentially the brains of the computer and is vital to your computer’s function.  You can choose from a variety of processors that will offer specific characteristics for gaming, graphic design, publishing or other computer applications.  The first important decision you make regarding your computer will be which processor to choose.
  • Hard drive.  While the processor is the brains, your hard drive is the director.  The hard drive stores all of the operating and program information to allow your computer to perform desired functions.  When choosing a hard drive you need to consider the size of the operating system, the programs you must install, as well as having additional space to store created files.  It’s important to choose a hard drive that offers extra space because a hard drive that is over full will run slower and not function properly.
  • Memory.  When purchasing memory for your computer the most important factor is compatibility.  RAM or Random Access Memory is used to help make your computer faster.  It is used to quickly write and transfer files.  Memory is accessed much quicker, but is only a temporary storage place for files before being moved to the hard drive.  The memory is the linking partner between the processor and the hard drive in your computer.
  • Accessories.  There are many other components that are added to your computer to make it complete.  These items include a display or video card, various storage devices and drives, and even the external components such as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  All of these items are required to make your computer a fully operational system.  When choosing a computer to purchase or when building your own it’s important to learn about the many different options you have in accessories.  You first want to look at those that will be compatible with your system and then choose those that offer features that support the primary function your computer will serve.

Once you learn about the different parts of the computer and their purpose you can use this knowledge in determining which components make the most difference for your specific work load.  ServerPartDeals.com can help you find all of the computer components you need to put together a great computer for any need.  Whether you’re looking for a great computer for the kids to do their homework on or a computer designed for computer graphics and gaming you’ll know which components make the difference in the final product.

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