Computhink Named Among 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2017

April 26, 2017

Tech News

Insights Success Magazine has announced Computhink among 2017’s Thirty Most Innovative Companies to Watch. Insights Success is a business solutions magazine that focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading companies, their unique style of doing business, and collaborative solutions to strengthen the marketplace. Inclusion in this year’s list comes from Computhink’s continued progress as an industry leader and technology provider.

2017 marks another banner year for Computhink, as shown by their expansions as a digital solutions provider. While they transform business environments for their clients, they too transform to stay ahead of the market, including the integration of their digital marketing services with their enterprise line.

The centerpiece of this recognition is Computhink’s always evolving Enterprise Content Management system, Contentverse. With an enduring dedication to versatility for their growing user base, clients continue to find new uses for Contentverse throughout their organizations. In sales, marketing, human resources, administration, finance, information technology, and other additional areas, their ECM makes waves of change.

The company’s place in the magazine includes an article on the current state of Computhink, including a focus on their six areas of greatest innovation: deployment flexibility, comprehensive security, complete content access, the versatile and powerful viewer, big data analysis capabilities, and their intelligent workflow. In an industry that ages and evolves every year, Computhink keeps pace with these up-to-date elements: While some companies may call them features, to Computhink, they are an integral part of the absolute ECM experience every organization needs.

Insights Success is distributed to diverse readership of over 65,000 CIOs, CTOs, and technology developers in software, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, media, and banking & finance. You can read the article on Computhink’s innovations here and check out their solutions here.

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