California author releases third novel

December 23, 2015

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Persona Non Grata takes on gun control, vigilante justice

Rogue patrol officer hunts down sex offenders to deal punishment in new novel

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.  – A new novel by local author Rochelle Kaplan takes readers on an action-filled journey into the conflicted mind of a rogue parole officer seeking justice for victims of sexual offenders when the legal system fails to protect them.

The story unfolds in the seemingly idyllic setting of suburban north San Diego County, where tiled roofs can’t hide the twisted lives living inside the benevolent-looking  stuccoed walls. Vowing to avenge years of sexual abuse from her brother, Lisa Benton has not only survived, but has become an expert markswoman, recognizing that firearms are a great equalizer for women.

Shunned by her family, she tirelessly builds her self-confidence at the shooting range, while planning retribution. Attaining a career in law enforcement, afforded the right to carry a firearm at all times, she eventually seeks her own form of dark justice, stealthily dropping off the radar, embarking on an alternate route of reprisal, becoming persona non grata in the law-abiding world.

Regardless of a reader’s perspective on gun control, Kaplan’s portrait of vigilante Lisa illustrates complex arguments on how justice is meted out — or not —  to those guilty of the most heinous crimes.

“My purpose is not to promote either side of the argument but to spark debate about how our legal system works,” says Kaplan, whose years of journalistic experience are showcased in this well-researched and detailed novel. “The story doesn’t end here. I am already working on the sequel.”

Presented by Infinity Publishing, Persona Non Grata is available in paperback and e-book on Visit for additional information or follow Kaplan’s writing on Facebook at:



Rochelle Kaplan is a California native with a background in journalism and corporate recruiting. Her articles have been published in several publications, including Western Outdoors Magazine, where she also served as managing editor. She is the author of No Man’s Land (Northwest Publishing, 1994) and Guilty as Sin (iUniverse 2006).When she wants to put the work-day stress behind her, Kaplan sits down at her computer and writes. The sequel to Persona Non Grata is already under way.





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