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August 28, 2012

Tech Tips

Most people would have heard about blogs and blogging but not so many would be aware of how bloggers specialize in different niches. Since founding and I have found that there are thousands of different blogging niches and specialties that you can start.  In the article below I will teach you all the different ways a tech person can go about blogging.

However most people would consider blogging in a tech world is only available to the nerdy types and those who write in English but use so much techno language that it is impossible for a normal non-tech person to understand.

But let me tell you right now that blogging in a tech world is not just for the technophiles. The world of technology is a wide-open field when it comes to blogging about it.

Some of the areas that you can be blogging in a tech world about include news (think Apple’s latest $1 billion court victory) with you providing comments and analysis, product reviews like your honest opinion and what you think of the next greatest smartphone, tips and tricks to get things like discounts on the latest tech launches, or how about satirical comments on where technology may take us or you could be totally honest and write about technology from the viewpoint of someone who knows very little about it. It means you will be exposing your ignorance but that’s what makes your blog unique and if I’ve learnt something that people in the tech world always appreciate it’s something that is unique.

Another thing to remember about technology is that it is also about entertainment so it’s important that you have entertaining blogs when blogging in a tech world. It doesn’t matter if your blog isn’t techno grammatically correct or that it has a few errors about the next greatest widget (not too many mind you), as long as you are honest and you offer a fresh perspective about the technology world then you will find an audience that will appreciate your point of view.

I mentioned in the beginning that some people who are blogging in a tech world fill their blogs with so much techno language that the average person understands very little about it. One niche that you could occupy if you have a way with the written word is to write blogs that explain in clear English about complex techno content that even a layman can understand. Remember that most people who want to find out about technology are people who are interested in buying something they can use everyday or they have already bought something like a smartphone and want to know how to get the best out of it.

For you blogging in a tech world can be a blog that caters to this huge audience who are after basic explanations for the technology they are accessing everyday. All they want are step-by-step type articles, which are simple to understand and follow. If you can meet this market by, as an example, providing a blog that tells your readers in simple terms how to use all the features of there iPad for maximum benefit then you will be on to a winner. And if you mix it up with your own trials and tribulations then you will also be entertaining and your audience will relate to you better because you are just like them.

Blogging in a tech world can be accessed by anyone and has the potential to be far more lucrative than most other topics.

Guest Post by Blog Author John Rampton.

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