Big Data Can Protect Business Information

April 26, 2017

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data securityDiscovering a breach once it has already occurred means it is too late. Protecting business information is part of every company’s mission. Enterprises need the right platforms to achieve this. Platforms that stream big data need to be able to keep up with huge volumes of information. All the information that’s coming in and going out needs to be properly safeguarded at every stage of interaction with a business. The stakes are high, considering all the fraud attacks that have taken place in recent years. Often, solutions are not as commonly known as they should be. Companies can use real-time stream processing to monitor data and detect any discrepancies that could be indicators of fraud or security breaches. Additionally, these platforms can be used to develop tools to seek out and stop the types of fraud or theft an enterprise is vulnerable to experiencing.

What Stream Processing Is Used For

Stream processing has been used by enterprises in the finance industry for quite some time. It provides value for every industry today because it allows enterprises to view and manage information that is produced by human interaction, machine data, and sensors. It is popularly used for network monitoring, surveillance, and fraud detection. Stream processing essentially functions by constantly accepting and sifting through data with a level of latency that is nearly undetectable. This process allows an enterprise to detect potential disturbances or patterns of fraud based on incoming data. In addition to detecting fraud, it can also take instant actions to isolate or stop activity that is potentially harmful. This is important because today’s hackers and cyber criminals aren’t simply sitting behind computer monitors in dark rooms. Most hacks are done using high-tech software to find and exploit vulnerable points in a network. Any weak point in a system can leave business information vulnerable to attack. Human intelligence simply can’t keep up with the automated villains that are floating around out there. Therefore, having a smart and intuitive stream processing platform in place is a tool in the line of defense that companies can no longer afford to lack.

Beyond Security

The interesting thing about stream processing is that it doesn’t just create an atmosphere for safety and accountability. It can also help businesses make smarter decisions. Examples of this are smart order routing, cost analysis for transactions, pricing measurements, real-time inventory tracking, and market analysis.

How Big Data Is Saving the Day

Stream processing is a big deal when it comes to stopping fraud in banks and on trading floors. However, this technology isn’t just used for shielding intangible numbers and assets from fraud. Alibaba is one commerce giant that recently committed to using big data to detect and stop incidences of counterfeit products being sold by its vendors. Big data is also being used to stop the problem of international smuggling by tracking shipments more closely than ever before. Of course, not every business is as large as Alibaba or a high-profile international shipping company. Big data can still be used by smaller enterprises with the same level of effectiveness. There are many ways companies in all industries can use stream processing to cultivate accurate data that is properly protected. The bottom line is that it’s impossible to keep information protected at the highest level and ensure business integrity in today’s world without using big data.

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