BHG to acquire North Carolina treatment centers

August 4, 2015

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Jay Higham, Behavioral Health Group (BHG) Chief Executive Officer, has announced the acquisition of two opioid treatment programs (OTPs) in North Carolina, located in Asheville and Clyde. 
“We are delighted to welcome our North Carolina colleagues and patients to the BHG experience of care,” Higham said.  “Additionally, we look to this type of strategic acquisition as a logical next step in building the BHG network, while maintaining excellent patient care.” 

Dick Trotman, former owner of and new Executive Director for the North Carolina Market, said, “The North Carolina Team is pleased to join the BHG family.  We are excited to leverage their systems and industry position to continue to deliver the best quality care possible.” 

The facilities will undergo a number of infrastructure and information technology upgrades over the coming weeks.  Derek Walsh, Vice President of Operations Administration, is charged with developing and implementing the acquisition plan – “Over the coming weeks, we will be working with Mr. Trotman and his staff to integrate their facilities into the BHG Network.”
Dwight Mussleman, Chief Development Officer, is eager to see BHG expand into a new market – “There are copious amounts of patients to be served in North Carolina and specifically the Asheville metropolitan area.  We are proud to add facilities with a strong reputation for quality.”

About Behavioral Health Group

Opioid addiction is a growing problem in America with a rise in abuse of both prescription pain pills and heroin.  Behavioral Health Group (BHG) is a leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services. BHG utilizes pharmacotherapy (maintenance and detoxification) as well as counseling to treat both the bio-chemical and psychosocial aspects of addiction. In doing so, BHG offers patients their best opportunity for a successful recovery. With the addition of the two in North Carolina sites, BHG now operates 37 treatment centers in nine states.  BHG treatment centers are accredited by The Joint Commission.

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