Best SEO practices

June 12, 2013

Tech Tips

Even though the buzz is all about content marketing these days, general-purpose SEO shouldn’t be ignored. In order to be seen in today’s crowded Internet, webmasters have to be acquainted with best SEO practices. It’s not necessary to be an online marketing guru to raise a site’s page rank–but it doesn’t hurt.

It used to be enough to write good content. It used to be enough to create a well-done site. Unfortunately, even an excellent, well-targeted site can vanish in obscurity if the topic is too broad. Best SEO practices can give a site a fighting chance.


Sometimes a site is created without a particular defining purpose. For sites requiring traffic, especially those that are created to be monetized, SEO is invaluable. Rather than creating a site and figuring out how to market it, sometimes it’s better to choose targeted keywords from the get-go with keyword tools.

Some keywords are especially valuable, either through their high search volumes or their valuable Adwords prices. If a person’s sole purpose is to create a site to make money, it’s important to target keywords that sell. The amount of global searches and the cost per click of Adsense ads should be balanced. High ad rates can make up for low search volume, and vice versa.

With some sites, targeting a keyword as the seed might not be possible. A portfolio site for an artist, for example, won’t necessarily have a target keyword. But by finding a niche for the artist’s work–say, “St. Louis watercolor pet painter”–there is a better chance of raising the site’s page rank. In the end, best SEO practices are about figuring out keywords inside and out.


Google prefers blogs to static pages, and constant new content causes Google’s robots to crawl through added pages. A constant influx of new pages adds credence to a site, and Google respects that authority. A well-established, fleshed-out webpage will always rise above a static site, especially if the content is not just spun articles.

Another benefit of constantly evolving content is that people love novelty. The key to any SEO campaign is getting the eyes of users. It’s important to target the people who will click on ads or provide page impressions. By updating at a steady clip, people will be more likely to visit a site repeatedly or subscribe to mailing lists and RSS feeds.

Online marketing gurus know that best SEO practices start at the foundation. Although backlinks are vital, good keywords are necessary. Without a strong keyword and articles targeting that keyword, a site will be banished to the far edges of Google search.

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