Apps and Other Software Features That Will Turn Your Phone into a Samsung Galaxy S4

April 1, 2013

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The whole world is anticipating the market release of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Previously unveiled at the Radio City Music Hall, the hints on the smartphone’s features satisfied the expectations of many: increased screen display and resolution, thew eight-core processor, and new software features. Expected to be released in the market at the end of April in 155 countries, the Galaxy S4 surely is a must-have device.

However, while there are many people who are saving up to buy the S4, there have been others who already have the features present in the S4 on their phones. Apparently, there are downloadable apps that you can download on your phone that will help turn your device into an S4. The innovations present in the much-awaited smartphone are not only available on apps, but also on devices.

Below are some of the alternative apps and software features that are similarly present in the S4. Although the all-new smartphone is something to own, you may not actually find it affordable to buy a brand new one with a hefty price tag on it.

Speech Translation Apps

The new S4 boasts an S Translate software feature that allows you to basically translate a certain word in the foreign language to your native tongue. However, there have been a lot of similar apps that do more than S4. For example, the Talk Translate not only has voice recognition in 12 languages like the S4, but it also is capable of translating texts between 30 languages. Another similar app is the Word Lens, which translates pictures and texts. While it only translates English and four other languages, it does not need an Internet connection like the S Translate on the S4.

Pictures with Embedded Audio

Combining audio with an image is amazingly innovative in the Galaxy S4, but there have been apps in both Android and iOS platforms that does this. StoryMark is one, in which an image can be embedded with an audio clip and can be distributed through sharing on Facebook or YouTube.

Devices and Apps with Dual Camera Functions

The dual camera function of the S4 is already available in certain devices, particularly in the LG Optimus G Pro. Now available in Korea and yet to make its way in the United States, this device allows you to take photos and make phone calls using both the front and rear end camera. Moreover, there is one iOS app called the DuoCam that is similar with the dual camera function of the S4. With this app, the front and rear camera images can be seen side by side.

Voice Assistance Apps

We all have known the S4’s S Voice as Samsung’s weapon against Apple’s Siri. However, there have been other voice assistance apps out there. As a matter of fact, a lot of people already prefer Google Now because of its reliability, fast response to voice-generated queries and searches, and integration with other apps from Google.

While you can avail of the apps and devices that are similar with the S4, you might also wait for a few months before you can get the S4 features for free on previous versions of Samsung smartphones and tablets, such as the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2.

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