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August 3, 2015

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5g3s31Around 5 million people in 13 states in the US are getting the advantage of Verizon FiOS. This is a bundled internet, telephone and television service package that is built on and operated over fiber-optic communications network. The service is offered by Verizon Communications as well as Frontier Communications in some areas of the nation.

What is noteworthy here is the part played by Verizon and its credentials in the wireless field. Verizon is one of the major carriers to offer fiber optics to residences as well as businesses. It tops the list of positive reviews obtained on the Verizon FiOS NJ consumer reports website. Fiber optics is commonly used in network backbone and copper or coax infrastructure.

Verizon began its service in 2005 and expanded through 2010 covering areas that come under its franchise agreements. Verizon FiOS television service came into existence in September 2004. Back then, it was available only to 9,000 customers in Keller, Texas. The quality and speed of communication only improved after replacing copper wires with optical fibers. Later, in the year 2006, Verizon partnered with Motorola to provide its customers access to DVR where one can record and watch television shows simultaneously. In order to delve deeper into the broadband and wireless arena, Verizon fielded offers with other companies while getting out of the conventional phone business that weren’t compliance with fiber optics. Since then, it has gained great prominence in the wireless world. Verizon has also been shopping for “GTE North” that involves 3.4 million access line around Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.

Verizon released FiOS 2.0 in July 2007 that let customers use widgets for more interactivity with the service. In January 2008, it had over 1 million people subscribed to this service. The same year, the HD channel selection was expanded to over 150 HD channels. By April 2008, Verizon FiOS had around 6.5 million households signed up for the service. According to Verizon’s record, there were more than 12 million homes with FiOS and 2.5 million homes with internet service. Estimates for December 31, 2009 are 3.4 million internet customers and 2.86 million FiOS TV subscribers, and this number has been increasing exponentially since then.

Verizon FiOS offers great discounts for first time users, especailly when they buy services in bundles. The tiers here differ according to data transmission speed that is measured in Mbit/s upstream or downstream. The beginning of 2012 saw the launch of Verizon FiOS Quantum. The new release was responsible for doubling every internet tier of FiOS packages. The 300Mbit/s download speed was introduced along with the new release as well. Verizon announced its highest speed tier of 500 Mbit/s in July 2013, available for both residential and commercial customers.

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