Advances In Technology In The Last 50 Years

September 17, 2013

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It was 1876 and Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call. This was a far cry from the image seen at the far left of the infographic seen here. Several miles of copper and tubing where required to make that first telephone call. Now, copper is barely required to do more than assist in printing the circuit boards on your new PDA. As you can see in the image here, exactly 100 years later — IBM introduced the first high-speed laser processor. If they had the use of such project management as AtTask, perhaps this timeline would be a lot shorter and bloated with amazing advancements. Until I started writing the article about this very infographic, I had no idea filesharing was a concept back in 1983. Companies such at and aim to assist in data collaboration and pioneering so that we might make infographics like this one seem small and insignificant.

Take a close look at this image and see what amazing advancements we’ve achieved!


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