A Healthy Summer by Bimbo

August 15, 2016

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A Healthy Summer by Bimbo 
By Ana Maria Gonzalez, nutritionist for Grupo Bimbo

Summer should be synonymous of fun, disconnection, change of routine, new experiences; but never at the expense of sabotage our healthy habits. Putting attention, we can enjoy the Summer without have to worry about those extra pounds at return. When planning your vacations, pack your luggage the following tips:

1. Summer is a great time to do anything that does not fit into your daily life. Whatever your plan, you’ll need energy to do it. Remember to include three groups food meals, including vegetables, fruits and foods rich in cereals such as bars or Multigrain or bread Bimbo, which added to give you the energy you require for several hours.

2. Stay well hydrated; especially if you are in a hot place or doing some physical activity instead. Don´t wait to feel thirsty, drink all day small amounts of water, but occasionally you can also enjoy other drinks. Choose those with little sugar.

3. Plan your food, even if you like to improvise during the Summer. Break the daily routine helps connect with our sense of adventure and creativity; to enjoy the most is important do not miss more than 4 hours without eating. To enjoy the moment it´s important don´t miss more than 4 hours without eating. We recommend you prepare healthy snacks, easy to transport as Salmas crackers with panela cheese or a sandwich with bread Bimbo, prepared with vegetables.

4.  Eat consciously enjoying your food. Many times our daily life does not allow us to take time to eat and enjoy it; Summer give us a great opportunity to do. Beware, listen to your body! Eating unhurried should be synonymous with moderation, because the enjoy what we eat helps us get in touch with satiety signals of our body.

5. Become an ally of the mini portions. The Summer is the perfect time to try new dishes; if you visit a new place, don´t miss local food! If you go in a group, divide the dishes in small portions, and have a more pleasant culinary experience not to overdo the amount of food.

6. Increase your physical activity. Summer are also times to do exercise, either on the beach where you can swim, run or play volleyball; in the field you can walk, biking, horseback riding, etc. Also can make tourism in a city, remember that walking is better. Any place is good to move!

Now you ‘re ready ! Enjoy your vacation and return full of positive experiences, recharged energy and health!

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