2013 and IT Salaries in the UK: The Facts

August 15, 2013

Tech Info

According to the Randstad Technologies salary survey 2013 edition, working in the IT field is both competitive and rewarding. What does IT stand for, exactly? It’s an acronym for information technology, and it encompasses the application of both telecommunications and computer equipment to transmit, retrieve, store and even manipulate data. This is mainly in the context of businesses and related enterprises. Randstad’s survey is a comprehensive and leading reference point for IT salaries in the UK for 2013. Let’s have a look at the strict facts about the salaries in this exciting field in technology.

IT Architecture Salaries

The specific field of IT architecture is not just competitive, but a number of specialties fall into this category. There’s the pure IT architect position that already nets up to £58,960 for a junior position in this field! A senior position in IT architecture can bring home a salary of almost £90,000. Of course, a managerial position such as the head of IT architecture takes home even more money. A so-called junior position in this job earns a salary of almost £80,000 a year while the senior position in this job earns six figures at £118,800. All of this information pertains to IT Architecture in London only.

Data Management Salaries

IT data management is a field that, like IT architecture, provides lucrative opportunities for people skilled enough to do this work. A mere data analyst working in London will earn a decent £38,000 if he’s a junior worker in this position. More senior workers in the areas of data analysis and data management can take home a very good £56,100 per year. Now, outside of the city, a data analyst won’t be earning quite as much, even in the senior position. To wit, he’ll only be making almost £40,000 per year in this position. The higher cost of living in London inflates salaries for the same position of IT work.

IT Technical Support

Even people working in tech support can earn decent money in the UK. In London alone, the salaries will vary significantly between a 1st-line support worker and a support manager. To wit, a 1st-line support worker in the city will only make about £26,000 in a year, even if he is in the senior position. However, a support manager’s fortunes are a whole lot better in IT tech support. A person working in a senior support manager role will earn a salary of greater than £60,000 per year. Of course, salaries for people working in this field are considerably lower outside of London.

Now you know the specifics as they relate to the various IT salaries in the UK. The IT (or information technology) field presents a lucrative enough opportunity for people who are skilled with computers and data storage. Salaries are quite generous even for people who don’t really work in roles that feature a great deal of responsibility on the job. If you don’t mind spending quite a bit of the working day sitting behind a desk, then a career in the IT field may be for you.

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